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I am not going to tell you how to decide who to vote for. I am only
going to tell you to do your research, and make your choice carefully.

I am not going to tell you who's right, and who's wrong. I am only
going to say that gender and race should have no place in the decision

I am not going to tell you who to vote for. I am only going to tell you to vote. We are the are the architects of our future. Our votes will decide what is to come. And we need to cast them.


Thanks, Coffeetime!

This morning, I shambled out of the bedroom to find a wonderful thing in my inbox. It seems that Danielle at Coffeetime Romance reviewed Taint of Shadow, and thought it was fantastic! She wrote up a terrific review, which you can read right here, but more, she awarded it with their CTRR Award!

This is their reviewer's recommendation award. She liked it so well that she wants to recommend it, and I'm just tickled purple (I don't do pink). This is a terrific honor, and I don't think there's anything nicer than to hear that someone loves your book enough to enthuse about it to others.

Thanks, Danielle!


The radio silence here has been deafening, I know. I've fallen behind on my blogging, and in fact, on some other things that I ought to be doing. And I haven't written a word for a month, which has finally begun to make me come apart that the seams.

Fact is, I've been plotting. Plotting, writing backstory, and outlining. I've been hard at work doing it, too. When I get into a world, I immerse in it, and I have a hard time coming up for air until I'm done. In some cases, done means finished with the book, too.

I start writing it on Monday. And I expect to be lost in it for a little while. Today, I'm trying to catch up on all the little things I need to do before I wander into Idealand. But it's hard to get that world out of my mind. Even know, it's pulling me under.

This is one of the best parts of being a writer. Also, one of the most obnoxious. You drive your friends and family absolutely buggy. You get scatterbrained, because you're focused on what's in your head, not what's outside it. But you're there. You're in the zone. The words will flow.

So if I'm a little quiet, I apologize. I'm just doing what I do.

Check Out Tequila Sunrise!

Last Call #3

Werewolf Evelyn Smith loves her boyfriend, Kieran. Some people find it odd that an alpha female would choose a weaker mate, but Evelyn is willing to ignore her occasional cravings for submission when the reward is a fulfilling life with a man who loves her.

Kieran Rhys doesn’t mind the mocking jibes of his pack, but knowing the woman he loves has needs he can’t meet drives him crazy. After months of coaxing, he’s finally convinced Evelyn to accompany him to Last Call. If he can’t give his lover what she needs, he’ll find someone to help him.

Tequila Sunrise: Looking for domination.

Unrequited love has been hard on Zack Elliott. Even if the object of his desire returned his feelings, she’s a fragile human whose body couldn’t withstand the force of his needs. Evelyn and Kieran seem like the perfect solution, especially when he realizes the one thing they need is the one thing he’s been holding back for far too long — absolute domination.

Read an Excerpt Online for Free

Fifth Sentence on Page 56

Layla Aaron posted this fun little game, and I thought I might contribute...
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Nearest book - Perdido Street Station by China Mieville (which was sitting on my desk after I got done with it)

Fifth sentence - Crematoria vented into the airborne ashes of wills burnt by jealous executors, which mixed with coaldust burnt to keep dying lovers warm.
Now do the same, and post it on your blog!

Release Day - New Life

Yay, it's release day!

Sophia Chase made a mistake many years ago that she's tried desperately to forget. When she reads about the murders in the town nearby, she can't deny it any longer: the vampire she created has become a threat.

Kyle Madsen doesn't believe in vampires. He's devoted his career to disproving the old myths. When a serial killer strikes close to home, he believes the murders are the work of a psychotic human criminal driven by a demented mind.

But vampires believe in him. One wants him dead. The other is his only hope for a new life.

Read an Excerpt Online for Free

Under the Magnolia - Go Buy It!

Here's pimpage for my good buddy Moira Rogers again...

Adelaide has a secret: she can see the future. The visions are always unpleasant, until she catches a glimpse of herself engaged in the hottest sex imaginable with hunky police chief Wesley Saxon, a man she's had a crush on for the past year.

Wes has been watching out for Addie for years, even if she did break his heart in high school. But when his attempt to rescue her from an oncoming hurricane leaves them stranded in the basement of an island resort, Wes will face a danger more terrifying than any criminal: falling in love with her again.

Read an Excerpt Online for Free

New Cover - Hunk of Coal

It's Christmas in September!

I've finished the edits on Hunk of Coal, a steamy hot and funny Christmas threesome. And just today, I got the cover for it! I was too excited not to share! Thanks to Miss H for her hard work!

Let us not forget the true hero of this story:

And while I'm at it, here's a nice little blurb:

Nice people get presents under the tree. Naughty people get Coal in their stocking. Until Santa falls off the wagon and into his sleigh.

Nice girl Christa doesn’t deserve the Coal she got. When it turns into Cole, a hunk of man made just for her, she changes her mind. But their time together is threatened when Santa’s son shows up to correct his father’s mistake.

Samuel sees more in Christa than a woman he wants to love. He sees the future of Christmas. Can he and Cole convince her that her heart, and her bed, have room for two?

Awesome Review at Coffeetime Romance!

Danielle over at Coffetime Romance has reviewed Taint of Shadow, and given it five cups! It's a terrific review, and I'm really quite proud of it. Have a little taste:

Ms. Moore has written a fantastic journey through love and treachery. This racy novel will have any reader on the edge of her seat, waiting impatiently for the ending. When I read this book I found myself enthralled with the emotional roller coaster of the two main characters. The struggle that Kayla must face with her betrayers, and the revenge she seeks was so potent I could almost touch it.

I'm glad they enjoyed it. I'm sure you will, too. If you haven't read it yet, you can buy it here!

Pimpage: Last Call #2!

Looking for some seriously hot stuff? Like the paranormal? Check out Moira Rogers' latest!

Artist and witch Fiona Logan hasn't had an orgasm since a bitter ex cursed her five years ago. Whenever she gets aroused, bad things happen. Now, she's come to Last Call in hopes of gaining an audience with--and help from--its owner, a powerful wizard named Benito D'Cruze. If anyone can break the curse, it's him. And if he won't come downstairs to meet with her, she'll bump and grind until his bar caves in from the backlash.

Hurricane: Contents under magical pressure. Experience required.

Ben doesn't get involved with patrons....not even the hot, sexually frustrated ones. But when a lush looking blonde threatens to wreck his bar with her curse and her need, he decides it's time to take matters--and her--into his own hands. After all, even if he can't break the curse, he can certainly ease her frustration. And what powerful wizard doesn't love a challenge?

Read an Excerpt Online for Free



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